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Who we are
Join stock Egyptian company establish at 25/8/1998 aiming production of chemicals /oleachemical raw materials with capacity 120000T/Y.
ROYAL CHEMICALS global manufacturer and marketer of differentiated and commodity chemicals. Its operating companies manufacture basic products for a variety of global industries including chemicals, plastics, paints, textiles, detergent, personal care, Construction putties and sealants , Wood adhesives Paper Plastic.
You can found our product in:
Spain – Greece – Italy –France.
Libya– Algeria- Morocco– Tunisia- Sudan- Kenia- Madgashker.
Palestine- Turkey.
Our strategy
The strategy and priorities of the royal chemicals focus on three main areas:
Regaining upstream strength and delivering downstream profits, Improving performance across all activities, And creating what is known as an 'Enterprise First' culture.
Success will be measured by competitive returns, cash generation and total shareholder return underpinned by top quartile operational performance and project management.
The strategy and activities of the Shell chemicals companies fully support these aims and we aspire to be a top performer in the petrochemicals sector. In this section, we explore this strategy - and the operating model that underpins it - in more detail and highlight key features of our structure.
Quality control and quality assurance are royal chemicals fundamental-in addition to research and innovation in process and product improvements make significant contributions to success of the company, we intends to expand its exportation of oleochemicals to Arabic countries ,Africa and Europe.
For Royal chemicals good corporate governance means responsible, transparent management and control aligned to long-term generation of shareholder value.
Within this context, the Management Board, Shareholders' Committee and Supervisory Board have committed themselves to the following principles:
Value creation as the foundation of our managerial approach.
Sustainability as a criterion for responsible management.
Transparency underpinned by an active and open information policy.
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